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5xUDP4D 10xUDP8D

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SET of 20 pcs STK compatible ATMEL AVR programmer - AVR, Tiny, Mega

A perfect choice for beginners, who are just entering the world of microcontrollers.
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Price: €21.00

20 units STK compatible ATMEL AVR programmer - AVR, Tiny, Mega


ISP programming is a fast and reliable way for programming the AVR micro controllers as it is mounted to the board. The STK programmer is useful in many applications from initial programming to updating the micro controller once installed in the final device.

It is connected to the Parallel port, and can be used for programming any Atmel AVR while it is mountedin a system, which has ISP connector. The PC interface uses the Parallel port, and utilizes the same pinout as the STKxxx programmer.

This tool is easy to use In-System Programmer. It is designed to program all AVR flash In-System Programmable microcontrollers through 10-pin type ISP connector. This programmer uses PonyProg and ATMEL AVR ISP. And there is no need of additional power supply, because the programmer is powered by the target application. Voltage range of the target board is 2.7V to 6V.

If your target board have pulse power supply, it would be smart to connect GND of your computer, GND of your programmer and GND of your target board together.

Supported Microcontrollers:
· ATtiny11
· ATtiny12
· ATtiny15
· ATtiny22
· ATtiny26
· ATtiny2313
· AT90S1200-4
· AT90S1200-12
· AT90S2313-10
· AT90S2313-4
· AT90S2323
· AT90LS2323
· AT90S2333
· AT90LS2333
· AT90S2343
· AT90LS2343
· AT90S4414-8
· AT90S4414-4
· AT90S4433
· AT90LS4433
· AT90LS4434
· AT90S4434
· AT90S8515-4
· AT90S8515-8
· AT90C8534
· AT90S8535
· AT90LS8535    
· ATmega103
· ATmega103L
· ATmega128
· ATmega128L
· ATmega16
· ATmega16L
· ATmega161L
· ATmega161
· ATmega163
· ATmega163L
· ATmega323
· ATmega323L
· ATmega64
· ATmega64L
· ATmega8
· ATmega32
· ATmega8515L
· ATmega8515
· ATmega8535L
· ATmega8535

This programmer works with the following software:
· PonyProg
· AVR Prog
· AVR Assembler
· IAR Assembler
· IAR Embedded Workbench
· ImageCraft ICCAVR V6
· ImageCraft ICCtiny V6
· GNU avr-gcc
· CodeVisionAVR-Standard
· CodeVisionAVR-Light
· RVK-Basic Compiler
· AVRco
· IAR C-SPY Debugger
· FastAVR Basic compiler

In order to use an ISP programmer, the target device must be powered and have a oscillator,
as the programmer has to communicate with the target device under standard
operating conditions rather than a specific programming mode.
Wire connections must be made between the ISP programmer and the target device
for the pins SCK MOSI MOSO RST GND and VCC.

- Programmer
- Flat cable
- Aditional 10PIN connector

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